Restorative Soils Program™

A healthy crop starts from the ground up, and the foundation of a quality harvest begins with balanced soils. BioSafe Systems’ Restorative Soils Program™ rebalances and enhances your soil’s microbiome.  The root of the program is a patented process that always starts with a soil treatment of aqueous peroxyacetic acid (PAA) to diminish soilborne plant pathogenic organisms. Next, an application of beneficial rhizobacteria and biostimulants is introduced to fortify a diverse soil ecosystem that supports and promotes optimal plant health. As the season progresses, the process can be repeated to stave off newly invading pathogens and bolstering microbial populations that support a healthy cropping system.

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The Restorative Soils Program™ amplifies existing cropping systems’ performance by maximizing plant quality and health. The soilborne plant pathogen cycle can be broken and replaced with new microbial life that bolsters plant vigor by improving nutrient and water exchange. Growers using the Restorative Soils Program™ have seen improved soil health, more robust and vigorous plant rooting systems, plus healthier and more vibrant crops from start to finish.

Explore Product Opportunities and Expansion

Expand the program by adding products, such as biopesticides and traditional chemistries, to diversify and enhance crop protection and plant health. Including these complementary pesticides advances specific activities on target pathogenic organisms by partnering varying modes of action. The Restorative Soils Program™ (RSP) is the foundation of a comprehensive integrated pest management plan providing the tools needed to fight soilborne pathogens, improve rhizosphere dynamics, and reinforce plant health.

To learn more about components of the The Restorative Soils Program™, explore the products shown below.

TerraStart® HC

TerraStart HC is a powerful bactericide, fungicide, and nematicide developed for effective pre-plant soil treatment via chemigation to control plant pathogenic organisms.

TerraGrow Liquid is a specialty blend of beneficial microbial organisms and biostimulants designed to enrich the soil rhizosphere and bolster plant health.

OxiDate® 5.0 product shot

OxiDate 5.0 is uniquely positioned for in-season agricultural soil applications through irrigation systems for growers to control a wide variety of soilborne pathogens.

OxiPhos® product shot

OxiPhos is a combination of phosphorous acid and activated peroxide that provides a dual mode of action with systemic and on-contact activities ideal for fighting soil pathogens.

“Ray Austin explains that part of launching a successful Restorative Soils Program™ is changing the mindset of growers. Instead of treating soil with a laissez-faire attitude, or overworking the soil, Ray touts a thoroughly educated and intentional approach. BioSafe Systems’ program combines knowledge of Integrated Pest Management, Best Management Practices and sustainability to curate agricultural methodology that will be profitable for future generations of growers and consumers.”

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