Disinfest and Defend for a Quality Crop Finish

Tank-mix OxiDate® 5.0 and Parka® to ensure optimal crop health and quality finish. These products work together seamlessly to protect plant surfaces from damaging conditions brought on by environmental factors.

Disinfest with OxiDate 5.0

OxiDate 5.0 prevents and controls plant pathogens that are activated and spread by wet weather, wind, and cross-contamination. Its broad-spectrum, on-contact activity targets harmful inoculum and spores to disrupt the disease cycle, mitigating spread and infection.

• Fast-acting, no risk of resistance
• Broad-spectrum, destroys tolerant organisms
• 0-day PHI, no harmful residues

Defend with Parka

Parka is designed to fortify the cuticle of growing fruit and foliage to reduce microfractures, minimize cracking from rain, improve finish, reduce postharvest disorders as well as provide sunburn protection.

• Food-grade ingredients
• Permeable and hydrophobic
• Tolerance exempt

By utilizing OxiDate 5.0 and Parka in a tank-mix, crops can be disinfested and freed from contaminates while the protective barrier of Parka minimizes potential for opportunistic infection. Reduce disease pressure and defend against abiotic stresses for a quality finish with OxiDate 5.0 and Parka.


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