Continuous Dosing System

Livestock Water Line Treatment

For use with SaniDate 5.0, the BioSafe CDS single chemical pre-dilution tank provides ultra-lean dilutions and eliminates hand mixing stock solutions.

SaniDate® 5.0

SaniDate 5.0 is an activated peroxygen chemistry effective against bacteria, pathogens, and biofilms as well as the removal of scale, mineral backup, algae, and heavy soils. Suitable for use when animals are present, or during routine maintenance.

Dosing, Monitoring, and Data Management Equipment
  • Use with existing medicators
  • Rugged and durable
  • Simple to install — Reduces handling and monitoring
  • Saves time and reduces labor
  • Minimal training necessary
  • Increases worker safety and decreases human error
  • Eliminates excessive PPM testing
BioSafe Systems Continuous Dosing System

Available CDS Models

BioSafe CDS Basic

BioSafe CDS single chemical pre-dilution tank provides ultra-lean dilutions and eliminates hand mixing stock solutions. Includes: Continuous dosing tank, bypass manifold, medicator, and manual ball valve.

BioSafe CDS Smart

The most comprehensive package for single-dilution operations. The Smart Technology CDS system includes the continuous dosing tank for SaniDate 5.0, two 24-volt valves built into the bypass manifold, an in-line PAA probe and housing, flow meter, and dosing pump – all controlled by a PLC (Programable Logic Controller). This option provides real-time data and data storage, with remote access to controls.

BioSafe CDS Plus

Our intermediate model, which comes standard with basic model features and includes: continuous dosing tank, medicator, two check valves, and two 24-volt electric valves.

BioSafe CDS II

The next generation of tanks; this option is a dual-injection system which allows for simultaneous dosing of SaniDate 5.0 and ReduceIT. Smart Technology enabled, users can enjoy cloud-based reporting for the most accurate readings of product usage, ppm levels, and system function.

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SaniDate® 5.0

SaniDate 5.0's powerful PAA-based formulation offers unparalleled results against plant and human health pathogens. SaniDate 5.0's OMRI-Listed ingredients ensure no harmful residual will be left behind. Labeled to control fungi, bacteria, and viruses, this broad-spectrum disinfectant has the ability to kill instantly. No rinsing necessary!

SaniDate® 5.0
GreenClean Acid Cleaner

GreenClean Acid Cleaner combines acids with non-foaming surfactants to help lift away organic deposits and clean surfaces contaminated with calcium, rust, and bicarbonate deposits. It is ideal for wherever scale, oxide, or lime buildup is an issue. GreenClean Acid Cleaner can be used in evaporator cooler pads, piping systems, process lines, vats, conveyors, and greenhouse shade films. It can also be used for the neutralization of alkalinity in hoses and liners.

GreenClean® Acid Cleaner

ReduceIT is a sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate based product that helps to lower pH levels in poultry drinking water. Water acidifiers have been shown to improve water palatability and improve the efficacy of disinfectants, particularly peroxyacetic acid (PAA) products like SaniDate® 5.0.


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