GreenClean® Liquid Bacteria

Broad Spectrum Algaecide / Bactericide / Fungicide


Active Ingredients

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PVent® Microbial WP

Biostimulant Enriched Crop Enhancement

This multipurpose fertilizer was designed with compelling components known to improve plant growth and development, increase crop vigor, strengthen stress tolerance, support overall health, plus boost crop quality and yield. Whether you are making a soil or foliar application, PVent Microbial WP’s biostimulant enriched formulation will enhance your crop performance.

Active Ingredients

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Why PVent Microbial WP?

  • Beneficial biological inoculant
  • Blend of powerful biostimulants
  • Guaranteed one year shelf life
  • Soil, foliar spray, and fogging applications
  • Concentrated wettable (WP) formula

The Benefits of Proven Ingredients...

Humic Substances

  • Improves photosynthesis and respiration
  • Enhances plant growth and development
  • Strengthens abiotic stress tolerance
  • Increases nutrient uptake and assimilation

Kelp Extract

  • Promotes balanced growth of crops
  • Enhances root growth and shoot biomass
  • Bolsters crop quality and yields
  • Strengthens abiotic stress tolerance

Soy Protein Hydrolysate

  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Enhances fruit set and quality
  • Strengthens abiotic stress tolerance

Clonostachys rosea

  • Promotes plant vigor
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Enhances growth and development
  • Strengthens abiotic stress tolerance

CalOx® FT

8-0-0 + Mobilized Calcium

CalOx FT is an advanced liquid nutritional and crop enhancement product for a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops. The unique patented CaT™ technology in CalOx FT improves calcium mobility and distribution beyond traditionally applied calcium products to support a better crop health and performance.

Active Ingredients

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Tomatoes ripening on the vine
  • Improves calcium mobility with more uniform distribution
  • Systemic response with elevated calcium concentrations in cells
  • Reduces calcium disorders
  • Optimizes overall plant growth and development, plus bolsters yield and quality
  • Provides better storage and shelf life
  • Tank mix compatible with most used pesticides and adjuvants
Closeup of pink petunias

CaT Technology - Calcium Mobility

Calcium typically moves in tissues via the apoplastic pathway, where water moves between cells, or through cell walls, but does not enter the cell membrane. When movement via the apoplastic flow is limited due to low transpiration, the calcium mobility and distribution are hindered. CalOx FT opens the symplastic pathway by stimulating selective ion transport channels in membranes allowing for calcium to enter the cell membrane and move directly through cells.

Calcium mobility diagram

As such, this increases the calcium concentration within cells and improves localized calcium movement. The biostimulant component promotes a systemic signaling cascade, which results in cellular calcium influx throughout the plant. So essentially, the patented CaT Technology in CalOx FT unlocks an alternate and more effective pathway for calcium to move within the plant optimizing plant growth and development.

Calcium Movement Imaging

A university study was conducted to showcase the CaT Technology inside CalOx FT. One plant received calcium nitrate standalone, while a second plant received CalOx FT, both treatments were applied to a single leaf.

The control, calcium nitrate standalone, had a slight increase of calcium concentration at application site. The CalOx FT treated plant showed a rapid elevation in calcium concentration, followed by a systemic increase in untreated leaves.

Calcium mobility with and without CalOx® FT

As you can see, the CalOx FT product treatment showed an increase in calcium mobility and more uniform distribution.


Beneficial Soil Inoculant and Plant Health Promoter

BioSafe Systems is revolutionizing biological crop protection. Our microbial inoculant Terragrow is an easy to use wettable powder blended to increase plant growth, vigor, and yield.

Active Ingredients

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  • OMRI Listed
Hand holding seedlings

5 Strain Formula!

Bacillus licheniformis

Denitrifier — Changes nitrate into nitrogen and releases nutrients for plant to use

Bacillus subtilis

Releases soil-bound nutrients — Produces enzymes that enhance crop vigor and growth

Bacillus pumilus

Releases soil bound nutrients — Growth promoter

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Releases soil bound nutrients &mdas; Produces beneficial enzymes for plant growth

Bacillus megaterium

Very fast grower, releases soil bound nutrients (especially phosphorous)

  • TerraGrow Bacillus Strain Activity
    Attribute Bacillus licheniformis Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Bacillus subtilis Bacillus pumilus Bacillus megaterium
    Enzyme Production
    Mineral Solubilization
    Nitrate Reduction
    Ammonia Utilization
    Rhizosphere Competent

SaniDate®FD PLUS

Antimicrobial Agent

SaniDateFD PLUS is designed for use in commercial, institutional and industrial operations to sanitize food contact surfaces, food processing equipment, shell eggs, hatching eggs, packing houses, food processing facilities and livestock buildings. Controls spoilage and decay-causing organisms in fruit and vegetable processing water.

Active Ingredients

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  • cRc Kosher

How should SaniDateFD PLUS be used?

Direct Use on Whole or Cut Meat

SaniDateFD PLUS may be applied in process water and/or ice used for washing, rinsing, storing or cooling of whole or cut meat including carcasses, parts, trim and organs.

Ready to Eat

Use SaniDateFD PLUS as an antimicrobial in process water, ice or brine for washing, rinsing, cooling or storing of processed and pre-formed meat.

Poultry Applications

Use as an antimicrobial agent for water or ice which may be applied by spray, rinse, dip, chiller water, immersion, or scald water for use on whole or cut poultry carcasses, parts, trim, skin on and skin off, organs and shell egg washes in accordance with current industry standards of good manufacturing practice.

What is SaniDateFD PLUS’ mode of action?

SaniDateFD PLUS works through an oxidation chemical reaction that kills bacteria and fungus. More specifically, SaniDateFD PLUS reacts on contact with the enzymes and proteins that make up simple cell organisms.

SaniDateFD PLUS applications

SaniDateFD PLUS may be applied in process water and/or ice used for washing, rinsing, storing or cooling of whole or cut meat or poultry including carcasses, parts, trim and organs.



PYClear is a liquid insecticide utilizing a chrysanthemum extract called Pyrethrins to provide control of insects commonly found in poultry, livestock and egg production facilities.

Active Ingredients

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What is PYClear's mode of action?

Pyrethrins found in PYClear are a combination of three, naturally occurring compounds extracted from chrysanthemum flowers. These compounds disrupt sodium channels in the neurons of insects causing paralysis and eventually death.

How should PYClear be used?

PYClear is a contact-kill product. Spray where insects are visible/accessible, and mist or fog in areas more difficult to reach.

  • Misting, fogging and automatic-spray system applications
  • Indoor and outdoor use

GreenClean® Pond Block

Beneficial Bacteria

GreenClean Pond Block is formulated to increase water quality and clarity by reducing excess nutrients in water bodies. Build up of organic debris and other materials is often responsible for murky water, foul odors, and increased nutrient levels.

Active Ingredients

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Brightly colored water lily or lotus flower floating on deep blue water pond

GreenClean® Alkaline Cleaner

Alkaline Cleaning Agent

GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner's surfactants and alkaline detergents help lift away organic deposits and emulsify grease and oils. GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner is effective against water or oil-saturated deposits. Can be used for general cleaning of floors, walkways, vertical surfaces, equipment, tools, machinery and other hard surfaces.

Active Ingredients

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Alkaline cleaning of a concrete floor

Why GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner?

GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner has a built-in foaming package for cleaning floors, walls, and equipment in food processing areas, greenhouses and packing sheds.

  • Ideal for use on greases, oils and sugars
  • Safe on most surfaces, including soft metals
  • Use with portable wall foamer or tank foamer for best results

GreenClean® Acid Cleaner

Acidic Cleaning Agent

GreenClean Acid Cleaner combines acids with non-foaming surfactants to help lift away organic deposits and clean surfaces contaminated with calcium, rust, and bicarbonate deposits. It is ideal for wherever scale, oxide or lime buildup is an issue. GreenClean Acid Cleaner can be used in evaporator cooler pads, piping systems, process lines, vats, conveyors and greenhouse shade films. It can also be used for the neutralization of alkalinity in hoses and liners.

Active Ingredients

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For Between Crop Cleaning

GreenClean Acid Cleaner is a specialty blend of mineral acid and wetting agents that quickly removes greenhouse whitewash coatings, biofilm, organic deposits, calcium and other hard mineral deposits.

For General Cleaning

Greenhouse structures and equipment, walkways, glass glazing, polycarbonate, concrete tanks, cisterns, floors, and piping systems. Can be used on most surfaces.

For Surface Disinfection/Sanitation

  • Cleans stubborn calcium and rust deposits
  • No odor, non–fuming and non–foaming
  • Safe for use on most surfaces
  • Professional strength, water based formula

Follow up with an application of ZeroTol 2.0 or SaniDate 5.0.

GCPRO® Oxidizer Treatment

Oxidizing Agent

GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment is the clear choice for treating hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, other malodors and oxidizable compounds. Its powerful, oxidizing formula also cleans organic residues and buildup without the pains and stains involved with the handling of other chemistries; making it the ideal alternative to potassium permanganate.

Active Ingredients

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Water recycling on sewage treatment station

Why GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment?

  • Free-flowing, non-staining granular is easy to feed using most systems
  • Less paperwork and hassle - NOT a List II Chemical for Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Works on contact — Oxidizes hydrogen sulfide
  • Emulsifies grease on contact

Non-staining and easy to handle!

GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment presents no health hazards for applicators. Unlike older chemistries like potassium permanganate, GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment provides the same oxidizing power but its activated peroxide is clean and environmentally responsible. GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment begins working on contact.

GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment may be used for odor control as an alternative to harsh chemistries including potassium permanganate, chlorine, and equipment intensive options like thermal oxidation. Unlike enzymes and bacterial products, GCPRO Oxidizer Treatment is powerful and goes to work immediately.