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BioSafe Systems Smart Technology

BioSafe Systems Smart Technology includes cloud-based monitoring, dosing, and peroxyacetic acid (PAA) manufacturing solutions that produce detailed reports for routine audits. Utilizing advanced dosing and cloud computing technology*, users can apply precise concentrations of PAA through their emitters and irrigation systems while accessing all relevant data in real time remotely via mobile app or browser.

*Smart Technology Systems utilize PLC system to enable data storing and remote accessibility features.

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Protect your Company

Have access to the information you need when you need it. With BioSafe Systems’ Smart Technology, users can produce detailed reports for routine audits. Users also have access to digital equipment manuals and documentation.

  • Historical data based on specified time frame
  • PAA/pH levels
  • Chemical and water usage

Enhance your Brand

Increased data transparency means increased business. Detailed monitoring and dosing reports verify compliance and prove to buyers that your operation follows protocol and produces products fitting specifications.

When you need it,
how you need it

Real-Time Data Collection and Manipulation

BioSafe Systems Smart Technology cloud functionality allows users to remotely access their Smart Technology systems via mobile application or browser. View application data and adjust process set points remotely, without the need for additional data-storing equipment.

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Growers and Postharvest Processors

PAA Monitoring and Dosing Technology

SaniDate MDS
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Meat, Poultry and Seafood Processors

PAA Monitoring and Dosing Technology COMING SOON!

Smart Spray Bar System

BioSafe Systems has an innovative, new technology for monitoring peroxyacetic acid (PAA) concentrations used in water for spray bar applicators.

Smart Spray Bar System
On-Demand PAA, Monitoring and Dosing


Unlike traditional methods, this on-site dosing system provides customers the technology to dose the exact amount of PAA needed for their application – no guesswork needed.

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BioSafe Systems Cloud Technology

BioSafe Systems' proprietary cloud technology system enables users to control, monitor and store data directly from their Smart Technology systems without additional data-storing equipment.

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BioSafe Systems' Technology Initiative

By utilizing off-site computer servers, all relevant information pertaining to a user’s operation can be readily accessed anywhere at any time.

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Advanced mobile data collection and mobile forms app.

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